Laundry Bags Case Study

This case study focuses on a dry cleaner who previously used approximately 1 million plastic bags per month for packaging clothes. This resulted in significant plastic pollution and the accumulation of plastic in landfills. Dr BIO introduced bio compostable films as an alternative to one-time use plastic bags, providing a sustainable solution to the problem.

The Problems

  • Plastic Pollution The dry cleaner’s extensive use of one-time use plastic bags resulted in significant plastic pollution, contributing to environmental degradation.

  • Excessive Plastic Thickness  The government standards for plastic bag thickness further exacerbated the plastic pollution problem.

  • Accumulation of Plastic Waste in Landfills Consumers would dispose of the plastic bags in the dustbin, leading to their accumulation in landfills and causing long-lasting environmental harm.
The Solution
  • Introduction of Bio Compostable Films: Dr Bio offered bio compostable films as an alternative to plastic bags. These films are environmentally friendly and decompose within six months, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

  • Cost-effective Alternative: To maintain cost competitiveness, Dr BIO’s 25-micron bio compostable films were introduced, which were 15% cheaper than the dry cleaner’s previous 50-micron plastic bags. The bio compostable films provided the same functional properties, ensuring no compromise in quality.

  • Waste Reduction: By switching to bio compostable films, the dry cleaner was able to reduce the quantity of plastic used from one truckload to half a truckload. This reduction in waste further minimized plastic pollution and landfill accumulation.


The implementation of bio compostable films as an alternative to plastic bags proved to be a win-win solution for all parties involved. The dry cleaner achieved cost savings of 15% while reducing plastic waste by half a truckload per month. Consumers who were environmentally conscious appreciated the change and actively participated in responsible disposal practices. Dr BIO’s innovation in introducing biodegradable packaging brought about a positive transformation in the industry, highlighting the potential for sustainable alternatives to combat plastic pollution.

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