Profile & Filament

Profile extrusion is a process by which various plastic materials are used to develop quality plastic products. These products have a continuous cross-section such as pipe, nets, 3d printers raw material, drinking straws, decorative molding, window trimming and many others. The basic procedure of profile extrusion is that the polymer is melted into a hollow mold cavity, under the influence of high pressure.

Unlike injection moulding where the process makes individual identical components, the extrusion process makes a continuous length of plastic with a constant cross section. This cross section can be a profile or filament depending on the shape of the die. Once the material is extruded, the product is cooled and then it can be spooled, or cut into different lengths for later use.

Conventional single use food packaging items have an enormous environmental impact. Legislation and current sustainable tendency look for new alternative materials that solve the waste problem of them.

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