Blown Film

Dr. Bio Polymers are the new eco-friendly resins that are made up of Compostable polymers & starch blends. The Dr.BIO Resin is a film grade resin and can be processed on standard blown film lines or blow moulding lines. The manufactured products using this resin are degradable in normal land fill environment and get disintegrated within 3-6 months after being disposed off in a land-fill.

The polymer resin can be converted to shopping bags, bin liners, mailer envelopes, agricultural films, sheets, blow moulded bottles etc.

Dr bio resins are engineered for high performance and can be easily processed on standard extrusion equipment. Our films are durable and strong, affording an excellent heat-seal strength, and allowing for crisp and clear printability.   For applications where high barrier properties are required, Dr Bio films can be easily combined with other substrates in a laminate structure as a sealant layer.


7272 for 2 Dimensional bags, Garbage Bags, Grocery Bags, Bio-Medical Bags


7272-T for T-shirt type carry bag.